Inaugural Trilogy of the Guardian Princesses
Inaugural Trilogy of the Guardian Princesses

 Guardian Princesses Inaugural Collection

5 starsGreat book! - By Emily S.

“This just arrived in the mail and we read the first two stories before bed tonight. My 6 year old daughter loved it! I actually liked reading it, they felt like normal stories that I read my son but instead the main characters are princess (and plus some songs, which my daughter, a Frozen fan, ate up – she’s all about main characters that also sing). And, you know what? Our 9 year old son listened in too and really liked the stories. He was trying to grab the book away and complaining that he couldn’t see the pictures! It just goes to show that everybody can love princesses if they are featured in a story where cool things are happening versus the same old tired stuff. :) We will devour any and all Guardian Princess stories!”

5 stars

The Princesses that you really want your daughters to admire! - By Kristie Oliver

“First of all, I already cannot wait for the next stories to be published. These Princesses stand for something and strive to make a difference in the world. These Princesses are diverse, intelligent, and are amazing role models. These books will inspire and empower your children. I love the glossary at the end of each story and the discussion questions that also accompany them. These stories are entertaining and educational. There are so many lessons to be learned. I also have to say that I love the bright colors and layout…it really holds your attention. All ages will benefit from this book or the single story books.”


Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies
Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies

enter Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies

5 starsIt’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Ten Ten, the Guardian Princess, who saves the day. - By Jenilyn S.

“This story allows children to develop their reading skills, learn lessons of forgiveness and triumph, explore cultural elements, as well as find encouragement to be like the Guardian Princess, Ten Ten, who overcomes bullying and embraces her differences. Instead of feeling angry over her past, she channels her energy into protecting people and creating a better environment for everyone. Ten Ten offers young minds an opportunity to engage with a different kind of princess; one who focuses on her personal growth, which strongly empowers her to do the saving instead of waiting to be saved.”

5 starsAwesome book! - By Patchoua Y.

“Ten Ten, Guardian of the Skies, is pretty awesome. Coming from a Southeast Asian background, it is super awesome to have a character that looks like me and has similar roots as me. The best thing about this book is that it helps teach kids is that it is okay if they do not fit into certain groups, and that it is okay if they are different from how people think they should be. I also really like that the author touches on the sensitive subject of bullying as well. Princess Ten Ten shows that it is important for people to be true to themselves. Ten Ten, like all the other princesses from the Guardian Princess universe, is a combo of princess and super-heroine! She is great overall and I recommend this story to any child.”


Princess Vinnea and the Gulavores
Princess Vinnea and the Gulavores

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5 starsThis is an Excellent Book for Everyone - By Pachet Bryant

“This book is perfect for young kids. I love that the book teaches our kids to want to help one another in protecting what is important to each other. The great thing about this book is that it is fun to read for all age groups. Parents, Aunts, Grandparents, Babysitters, and everyone else would enjoy reading this story. It has been written to teach children what it truly means to be a princess, and the story fits the new educational standards making it educational as well as fun.”

5 starsNo ordinary fairy tale - By Ctyher

“The Princess Vinnea story is unlike any fairy tale you’ve read before. Children will love the illustrations and the magical elements, and adults will appreciate the message. It teaches you to enjoy the bounties of nature in its natural state; not chemically-altered. The story also includes features that any teacher would love such as an etymology chart and Common Core-aligned comprehension questions. This book is a must-have in any home or classroom library.”



Princess Terra and King Abbadon
Princess Terra and King Abbadon

Princesses Terra and King Abbadon

5 starsGreat story for kids!
By Laura

“I think the story was great. A strong, compassionate and humble leader who defends the health of the land from exploitation and harm. I am definitely passing this on to my little niece and nephews!”

5 starsGirls love it
By binky

“I wasn’t quite sure that the 5 year old and the 10 year old would both like it. Well, they loved this book and another from this series. Real winners. I suppose that it is a delight to see strong issues and girls all in one story. I’ll get the rest in the series, for sure, especially since I’ve had to reread this to them so many times it is becoming tiresome to me!!”