Gina Decanini

Gina Decanini is the Director of the Guardian Princesses’ Spanish Language Division. A foreign language teacher and translator in Monterrey, Mexico, Gina is passionate about youth development, empowerment of girls and young women, animal welfare, and creative arts. In her year with the Guardian Princesses, Gina has developed and maintained our Spanish Facebook page (Princesas Guardianas), translated the Guardian Princess books into Spanish (stay tuned for news about our upcoming bilingual e-book version of Princess Mariana and Lixo Island), and organized Guardian Princess book fairs at local schools. She also recently gave a presentation on the Guardian Princesses at the “Diversidad y Equidad de Género” conference in Mexico.

Gina recently developed an interest in knitting. Some of her beautiful creations include a yarn octopus, a yarn dragon, and a yarn flower. One afternoon, the idea came to Gina to create a collection of Guardian Princess yarn dolls. Our exclusive yarn doll collection is the culmination of Gina’s weeks of hard work. Up to four lucky winners could be the proud owners of these one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted dolls, woven with Gina’s love and passion.

In addition to knitting, Gina enjoys yoga, spoiling her adorable puppy, and spending time with her family. She is excited to bring the message of the Guardian Princesses to Mexico and to create a culture of gender equity.