1. When will the books be available ?

The books (Princess Terra and Princess Ten Ten) are available now through our GP books page.


2. What is the Guardian Princess Alliance (GPA)?

We are a group of parents, educators, students, professionals, activists, and artists who are committed to creating better role models for children.

Anyone committed to our mission statement is welcome to join our Alliance.

3. Why are the Guardian Princesses so traditionally pretty and slender?

The Guardian Princess Alliance seeks to change the cultural meaning of the princess and what it means to be beautiful, but we understand that this is a process, not something that can be completed in a single story book. As a process of transformation, we are committed to shifting the emphasis of the princess’s identity from what she looks like to what she does for others (see our mission statement).

In order to appeal to readers who have already been taught how princesses look (eg. pretty and slender), we have designed our first series of princesses to be recognizable and attractive as such, without replicating the unrealistic body proportions that existing princesses and toys model. In fact, our first series of princesses range from size 2-14.

Our second series of books will further expand upon the body types represented in our stories and progressively redefine the meaning of beauty.


4. How are GP books aligned with the Common Core?

Our books are designed to help support teachers and parents with the new Common Core educational standards. Each book has a page of comprehension and discussion questions, designed by Common Core experts, that align with the Common Core Language Arts standards. The books also include a glossary of terms that expands children’s vocabulary and an etymology chart to enrich their knowledge of other languages. We want our books to teach important ethical lessons and be practical for use at home and in the classroom.


5. Are the GP books for boys?

-We believe it is important for boys to be exposed to diverse female characters who are intelligent, brave, and compassionate and who use their special powers for the common good. Our stories thus promote gender and racial equality.


6. What is the reading level or appropriate reading age of GP books?

Our books are designed to be read to children ages 2 and older.

The reading level has been professionally assessed to be appropriate for strong second grade and third grade readers.

Older children and adults will also find the Guardian Princess stories inspiring, beautifully designed and thought provoking because they all relate to current global issues.


7. What is the gender identity of the princesses?

Our stories represent a paradigm shift away from traditional princesses who need to be paired with a prince. Our princesses are thus non-heteronormative and will help readers rethink traditional gender stereotypes and norms. In short, the princesses model greater gender independence.