The Guardian Princesses have been getting a lot of attention!
Here are some of the media outlets that have talked about the GP initiative:


NBC Logo - transparent 03/31/17 Stereotype-defying Princess Project Expansion Takes Stories from Page to Stage
Cosmopolitan Logo 10/24/16 The Princess Problem
Cosmopolitan Logo 10/24/16 The Eco Guide to Action Heroines
Cosmopolitan Logo 12/04/14 These Storybook Princesses one-upped the Disney Princesses
Ms Magazine Logo 12/23/14 Breaking down the Pink and Blue Aisle Barrier
Mic logo 12/04/14 These are the Feminist Princesses we really should be showing little girls
Feministing logo 12/11/14 Intersectional Princesses for the little feminists in your life
Geek Girl Con Logo 12/15/14 The Guardian Princesses are here
HelloGiggles Logo 12/05/14 The feminist cartoon princesses we’ve been waiting for have arrived
CNN-Latino-5 12/14/13 The Guardian Princesses at CNN Latino “Sin Limites” (English Translation)
FastCompany Logo 01/07/14 How a California Mom Designed the Ultimate Anti-Disney Princess logo 11/25/13 Has The Disney Princess Marketing Machine ‘Frozen’ Our Girls’ Imaginations?
kvcr 11/08/13 UCR Professor Writes Children’s Book that Redefines the Image of Princesses
laprensa 10/22/13 NIÑOS: Buscan transformar significado cultural de las princesas
NLCI logo 10/02/13 Guardian Princess Alliance Transforms Princess Industry into Positive Change: Creates New Latina Princess
NYT logo smaller 01/05/14 A new children’s book turned its heroine into a crusader against genetic modification
NPR logo 2 12/15/13 Once Upon a Time The Princess Saved the Environment logo narrow 11/04/13 EDUCATION: Professor aims to change image of princesses
Shattered Glass Slipper 10/29/13 Reinventing The Princess
8asians-logo 10/13/13 New Asian Heroines – The Guardian Princesses Alliance (GPA)
Democratic Underground logo 10/24/13 REDEFINING THE PRINCESS: The Newest Asian Heroines



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